Last week, I went to a presentation by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze regarding their new book, Walk Out Walk On.  The phrase of “walk outs who walk on” came from some students in India who left school, but did not view themselves as dropouts.  They searched for a new way to engage in learning.  The authors tell us that “Walkouts are people who bravely choose to leave behind situations, jobs, relationships, and ideas that restrict and confine them, anything that inhibits them.  They walk on to the ideas, people, and practices that enable them to explore and discover new gifts, new possibilities.”  As I listened to them talk, I felt some emotion bubbling up to the surface.  They were talking about me.  I walked out of a successful investment career to walk on to something deeper.

Ten years ago, I became restless with my job.  One summer afternoon, as I considered reading the work I brought home, I felt a sense of burden.  Something was missing.  A few months later, I serendipitously read an article about coaching while I was waiting for my car to be repaired.  It was one month after 9/11/01.  I hired the coach who was featured in the article.  From that experience, I decided to pursue a coaching certification from The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara in 2002.  The coach training program led me into a process of self discovery.  I became clearer about my values, priorities, leadership philosophy and sense of purpose.  I discovered my passion for developing people and creating stronger organizations.

Two-and-a-half years later, after my father passed away, I decided it was time to leave my job and figure out the next step in my career.  It was time for me to move on……..

What do you need to walk out on to be more successful and fulfilled?  You don’t have to leave a job or a career. Perhaps you want to try on a new role.  You may need to let go of an old way of thinking.  Do you engage in a behavior that does not serve you anymore?  Are you restless?

Spend some time in a quiet place without your smartphone or computer.  What do you notice?  What wants to emerge??  Please share your thoughts below.

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One Response to Emerging

  1. Kassie,
    I’m so looking forward to your emergence.

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