Evolving Leadership, LLC is a coaching, consulting and training organization, which specializes in helping business leaders, entrepreneurs and corporate teams create collaborative and authentic work environments that result in organizational effectiveness and productivity.  We help leaders become more effective by gaining a deeper understanding of their strengths and talents, recognizing their impact on others and empowering team members to be their best.  A key element of our work is ensuring clients put new behaviors, insights and skills into “practice” in order to have a positive impact on engagement, productivity and bottom-line results.

Kassie Steegman, President, has more than 20 years of experience in business including investment management and consulting. Her investment expertise is in healthcare, retailing, beverages, telecommunications and media industries.  To be a successful portfolio manager and leader, she recognized the importance of “walking her talk” as well as aligning individual and organizational culture, values and goals.  To pursue her passion in developing others, Kassie received a coaching certification from The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.  Kassie holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration from The Ohio State University.  A core strength is her ability to combine significant business experience with an in-depth knowledge of leadership and adult development.


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