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Haven’t You Ever Heard of Teamwork?

Recently, I had an appointment with a new doctor.  While I was signing in, I noticed several people working behind the desk.  I observed a “forty-something” woman berate one of the younger women about not helping out.  She blurted out … Continue reading

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What Do You Do When You Fall?

Sometimes, you take a leap and you fly.  Other times, you take a leap and you hit the ground.  What do you do when you hit the ground? As I was writing these words, I remembered the film, City of … Continue reading

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Identifying Personal Purpose

Exploring purpose requires you to slow down and reflect.  Put away the blackberry and cell phone.  Take yourself away from your daily routines, so you can eliminate distractions.  I find it very helpful to get out of my office.  Periodically, … Continue reading

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Exploring Personal Purpose

2012 is around the corner.  It is a great time of year to think about purpose.  Although, exploring purpose is not like making New Year’s resolutions.  It is a deeper and ongoing process.  As you reflect upon the past year, … Continue reading

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Last week, I went to a presentation by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze regarding their new book, Walk Out Walk On.  The phrase of “walk outs who walk on” came from some students in India who left school, but did not … Continue reading

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